Football season has finally started – for me, at least. I missed the first Georgia Tech game because my brother had to go and get married. You would think that a Thursday night game right before Labor Day Weekend would be tough to schedule a wedding over, but he managed to do it. Joke’s on him, though – GT rolled over Alcorn State that night and his team, Georgia Southern, got waxed by West Virginia. Hope your beautiful wedding and memories of a lifetime were worth it, little bro! Sucker.

Anyway, over the past few years, I’ve put quite a few tailgating recipes up on this blog. I figured that it might be useful to post a collection of my favorites as a round up at the beginning of the season. If you’re ever desperate for a tailgating recipe, just check here and hopefully you’ll find a crowd-pleaser. Trust me, the crowd that I serve this stuff to has absolutely zero hesitation in letting me know when they are not pleased.

DSC_0446White Pimento Cheese

Served on pork rinds with a slice of pickled okra. Even my parents’ friends have copied this one.


Extremely low-effort if you plan ahead, and it gives a nice luxurious touch to your brunch tailgates. Maybe one of the only good things about noon games.

DSC_0189Cheddar Jalapeno Biscuits with Bacon Honey Butter

This is basically just a list of things that everyone loves.

DSC_0184Miso Chicken Wings

This is a really good twist on a gameday classic, but even I usually toss half the wings in miso and half in regular buffalo sauce.

DSCN0873The Perfect Hamburger

Please read this if you are ever planning to make hamburgers for a crowd.


If you have a top of the line tailgate, make these ahead of time and give them a quick fry on a flat-top griddle or in a grill pan before serving fresh tacos.

DSC_0883Manhattan Trifle with Bourbon, Cherries and Greek Yogurt

Easily the most complicated gameday thing I’ve ever made – I’m really just including this to remind people that I made it. Brought to you by Chobani(TM)!

Also, if you just made the orange poundcake from this recipe and served it with some fresh fruit or something drenched in bourbon, that would be good. PS: Where is my check, Chobani???

DSCN0216Smoky Chipotle Pork Stew

Maybe for cold weather games? Caution: extremely spicy!