It’s no secret that the internet is overflowing with content based on food. You can google anything you want to make and find a thousand different recipe variations. In my past few years of teaching myself to cook, though, I kept returning to a couple of blogs because I trusted the writers’ taste in recipes and they gave helpful tips. Other than that, I didn’t have a whole lot in common with any of the better bloggers. For one, a lot of the more popular blogs are written by women who are married, have kids, and love baking and day-long kitchen projects. As a 24 year old single guy, much of the writing and content didn’t apply to me at all. What I want is a blog that has a great recipe selection, gives lots of shortcuts, focuses on simple ingredients and doesn’t talk about the writer’s husband or baby. How about an occasional sports reference? What if I need to grill something for a pool party? Isn’t there a blogger out there that prefers a bourbon and coke at a football game to a glass of wine and a Grey’s Anatomy marathon?

This blog is mostly for me, but also for any 20-something guys who work and have a social life but still want to learn how to cook. It may not be the biggest audience, but then again, never underestimate the lengths a single dude will go to impress girls (see: this blog). I’ll try to post one recipe each week that I enjoyed making, and give some insight into the shortcuts that I use to make cooking for myself easier and more efficient. Thanks for reading!