headshotMy name is Henri, and I’m a 27 year old food and hospitality public relations professional living in Atlanta. I’ve always loved food, but I didn’t start cooking for myself until after college. I never needed to learn my way around the kitchen because my mom is an incredible cook, and when I got to college we had a chef at my fraternity house. After graduation, I realized I was eating fast food or other junk all the time. I finally had an epiphany: if I like good food so much, why don’t I just make it myself? Now I’ve been cooking seriously for about 5 years, mostly making dinner for one or two, but also taking on the occasional party, tailgate or other project. My goal is to make good food that is inexpensive, simple to prepare and easy to clean up.

Other than cooking, I love sports (Jackets/Falcons/Hawks/Braves), tailgating, traveling, watching TV, and going out with friends. If you have questions about me or anything on the blog, just ask!

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