DSCN0368I started a new job this week, and adjusting to a full time work schedule has put cooking and this blog on the back burner. I got the chance to make something tonight, but the random grocery store I stopped at on my new commute didn’t have polenta, and I forgot to buy some of the ingredients for the recipe I had chosen. I was just zoned out. Anyway, since I couldn’t make what I actually wanted, I had to go into Chopped mode and try to throw something together with the ingredients I had on hand. I had a can of tomatoes, some garlic and some pasta in the pantry, so I decided to throw together a simple sauce with the onion and sausage I had actually remembered to buy.

In the end, dinner turned out only okay. I won’t post a recipe because this wasn’t anything special, but at least I have lunch tomorrow and if you wanted to make something similar, you can follow along with the pictures.